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Common Signs You Need Leak Repair in Wantagh, NY | Gold Star Plumbing Heating & Cooling

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Common Signs You Need Leak Repair in Wantagh, NY | Gold Star Plumbing Heating & Cooling


Common Signs You Need Leak Repair in Wantagh, NY

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Nothing disrupts the enjoyment and functionality of your home like leaks and clogs. Keep reading to find out everything you need to get fast, reliable leak repair in Wantagh, NY. Knowing the tell-tale signs of a visible or invisible leak can save you major time and major dollars.
A Drop In Water Pressure
Low water pressure can result from a leak that constantly drains water from you water heater and the main water line that supplies your home. If you notice unusually low eater pressure, have a professional check for invisible leaks.
A Noticeable Discoloration In Sinks
If you notice a brown line from the base of your faucet into the basin and drain of your sink, this is a sure sign of a water leak. Most leaks of this nature are visible and audible, but a leak that goes undetected or unrepaired can cause unsightly stains over time.
An Unidentifiable Dripping Noise
Do you hear water leaking and dripping but are unable to spot the source? This tinkling sound can come from leaks inside your walls. If you can’t identify the source of the sounds, call a plumber and have them investigate the source for you before a leak turns into a flood.
A Brown or Yellow Stain
If the walls and ceilings under your upper level bathrooms have spreading stains, there is surely a leak somewhere. You should investigate these stains and quickly have them repaired. Left alone, they can cause major structural damage to your home.
As a homeowner, you count on your plumbing system to cook for your family, see to their personal hygiene needs and clean their clothes and environment. Before a small leak turns into a major plumbing issue, call the professionals at Gold Star Service. We’ll provide free-flowing water, clear drains and a leak free home at a price you can afford. Think of us first when you need leak repair in Wantagh, NY.