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Heat Pump Services in Hicksville, NY

Living without a functioning heat pump can be miserable, leaving you sweating through blistering summers or shivering through frigid winters. Our experienced technicians at Gold Star Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling can get your system up and running again quickly when breakdowns happen.

As a full-service HVAC company, we handle every aspect of heat pump service. We install new, high-efficiency systems to maximize comfort and savings on utility bills. To keep existing heat pumps operating at peak performance, we perform comprehensive maintenance and repairs. Our tune-ups and preventative care ensure your system provides reliable heating and cooling for years to come.

When your heat pump does malfunction, you can count on our team for prompt diagnosis and repairs. We work swiftly and efficiently to complete all necessary repairs so you can start enjoying hot or cold air again as soon as possible.

For reliable heat pump services, call (516) 260-4474 or contact us online. We service Hicksville, NY, and nearby areas. 

Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Professional Attention

Heat pumps provide efficient heating and cooling, but like any machine, they can malfunction over time. 

Watch for these signs your heat pump requires service:

  • Higher utility bills 
  • Lack of heating or cooling in parts of your home
  • Strange noises like grinding, buzzing, or loud humming 
  • Thermostat not matching set temps or running nonstop 
  • Water leaking around the indoor or outdoor units
  • Frozen coils or ice buildup 
  • Burning plastic smells 

Don’t delay in calling us if you notice any of these warning signs. 

Reliable Heat Pump Repairs

Like any system, wear and tear can lead to heat pump issues that affect performance. Don’t let heat pump breakdowns leave your home uncomfortable – we are here to help.

Our certified technicians are experienced in heat pump repair and maintenance. When your current system is underperforming or fails, we can pinpoint the cause and make the necessary repairs.

Common heat pump issues we resolve include:

  • Refrigerant leaks reducing cooling efficiency
  • Frozen evaporator coils preventing proper airflow
  • Drain line clogs causing overflow and water damage
  • Electrical control board failures disrupting function
  • Blower and fan motor malfunctions affecting air circulation
  • Compressor issues like motor problems or seized units
  • Faulty thermostats failing to signal the system
  • Flawed sensors providing inaccurate readings

We use advanced diagnostic tools to troubleshoot issues thoroughly and accurately. With our professional repair services, we can keep your heat pump system running at peak performance.

Heat Pump Installation

If your heat pump is outdated or no longer cost-effective to maintain, upgrading to a new system is the ideal solution. 

Our heat pump installation process includes:

  • On-site evaluation to determine the optimal heat pump model
  • Permit acquisition
  • Proper exterior unit installation 
  • Integration with existing ductwork and electrical
  • Testing and charging for peak performance

With a new heat pump installed by our professionals, you’ll enjoy lower energy bills, modern features, warranties, and peace of mind knowing your home will stay comfortable year-round.

Optimize Performance with Professional Heat Pump Maintenance

To prevent costly repairs and keep your heat pump system operating at peak efficiency, our technicians perform thorough maintenance tune-ups.

We comprehensively inspect the condenser and evaporator coils, checking for any leaks, damage, or blockages. We test refrigerant levels and pressure to ensure the system has the right amount of coolant. We verify proper electrical connections and measure amp draw on motors. Moving parts are lubricated to prevent wear. Any debris is cleared from the exterior unit and coils.

With proactive heat pump maintenance, we can catch small issues before they become major repairs. Ask us about maintenance plans that provide savings and priority service.

For heat pump installations that maximize efficiency, proactive maintenance to extend equipment life, fast repairs when trouble strikes, and all related services, choose Gold Star Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. 

Keep your home at the ideal temperature year-round! Call (516) 260-4474 or contact us online to schedule your heat pump service in Hicksville, NY.

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