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5 Signs Your Pipes Need Drain Cleaning in Hicksville | Gold Star Plumbing Heating & Cooling

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5 Signs Your Pipes Need Drain Cleaning in Hicksville | Gold Star Plumbing Heating & Cooling


5 Signs Your Pipes Need Drain Cleaning in Hicksville

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Drains, like any part of a home, can fall into disrepair and need some attention. All sorts of gross debris can get into the drains and eventually cause a blockage that needs removal. Sometimes you’ll be able to clear it out with drain cleaners, whether they’re store-bought or a homemade mixture. However, these solutions are only temporary and are no alternative to calling professional cleaners. Luckily, you can call Gold Star Service to help alleviate your drain clogs and perform a professional drain cleaning in Hicksville. But how do you know when the problem has gone beyond a slightly sluggish drain and into a need for a plumber’s help?

Here are five signs that your pipes could use professional draining cleaning in Hicksville:

Slow draining

An obvious sign of a clogged drain is when the drain isn’t draining as fast. Is your sink or bathtub draining slower than it normally does, if at all? Is your washing machine or dishwasher still have a lot of water in it after a cycle? This inconvenience is a sign of a blockage somewhere in your pipes. Getting a professional drain cleaning will release the clogs in your drains and allow water to easily flow through your pipes unimpeded.

Backed up drains

When clogs get to be very bad, water that should have been drained will come back up. A complete blockage can prevent water from draining and the blocked water can return from the pipes. If water is going back up the drain, it’s a major sign that it should be cleaned.

Sewage smells

One of the more unpleasant and noticeable signs of a clogged drain is the smell of sewage. When drains clog, anything that goes down into the drain will build up down there and rot in the lines. Depending on where you live, the smell can be even more odorous, especially if you live somewhere warmer. If you smell sewage in your home, it’s a good idea to act quickly.

Fruit and drain flies

The stench of sewage is not only gross, but it attracts pests that can be extremely annoying. Fruit flies are attracted to the smell of sewage and can be a health risk due to their interest in your food. Meanwhile, the aptly named drain fly (also known as sewer or filter fly) use clogged drains as breeding grounds. If you start noticing lots of flies, you should consider checking your drains to make sure they’re working.

Strange noises

Clogged drains are known for making the occasional strange noise. When drains are clogged, the water may be forced to go through small spaces or change course. This can result in strange gurgling or bubbling noises.

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Gold Star Services has nearly a decade of experience cleaning out drains and sewers. When you choose us, you’re choosing a five-star, reputable plumbing service with years of experience serving residential and commercial property owners in the Long Island area. Our trucks are prompt, fully-stocked with the latest technology, and arrive at your home alongside knowledgeable technicians who offer transparent pricing with no hidden costs. If you need top-quality drain cleaning in Hicksville, call the experts at Gold Star Service!