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6 Reasons to Order Boiler Maintenance in Hicksville | Gold Star Plumbing Heating & Cooling

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6 Reasons to Order Boiler Maintenance in Hicksville | Gold Star Plumbing Heating & Cooling


6 Reasons to Order Boiler Maintenance in Hicksville

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At Gold Star Service, we’ve recently helped AC owners shut down their ACs and protect them from the winter. We’ve also helped furnace owners learn why getting a furnace tune-up before winter arrives is a good idea. Now it’s time to focus on those who own boilers! Like with furnaces, boilers can get run down over months of inactivity, and winters can be hard on them. Unlike furnaces, a poorly-maintained boiler can explode, so it’s important to call a trusted maintenance company to help keep your Hicksville home warm.

Here are six reasons to get boiler maintenance for your Hicksville home:

Get the most out of your boiler

Boilers are expensive investments, so you don’t want yours dying early in its lifespan. Regular maintenance visits for your boiler can help it run as long as possible and maximize your investment. At best, you can expect a well-maintained boiler to last ten to fifteen years.

Obey local safety laws

Compared to other commercially available heating systems, boilers can be particularly dangerous if they’re poorly maintained. That’s why there are usually local laws that require boiler-owners to get regular maintenance and inspections. These laws are meant to encourage boiler-owners to be vigilant about their boiler’s health. You’ll have to pay fines if your boiler isn’t well-kept, so make sure yours stays healthy.

Decreased energy costs

Boilers are pretty power-hungry. In terms of annual energy usage, HVAC systems are the only thing that beats boilers. However, regular boiler maintenance is capable of cutting around 10% off of your energy bills.

Avoid voiding your warranty

Boiler manufacturers often put stipulations in their product’s warranties. One of the more common ones requires you to give their products regular maintenance and inspections. It’s important to do this so you don’t void your warranty. If that happens, you won’t get a payment when your boiler breaks down.

Improved energy efficiency and reliability

Boilers are complex bits of machinery, and some of their parts can wear out faster than others. During maintenance visits, we test the functionality of every part to ensure your boiler works. Regular visits from Gold Star can save you money by making your boiler able to do more with less energy. Also, having a healthy boiler makes it less likely to break down.

Stay safe

Not only does a running boiler generate heat, but it also creates carbon monoxide. Fortunately, they’re designed with an exhaust pipe that safely vents the deadly and odorless gas outside. However, if you don’t get regular maintenance for your boiler, the exhaust pipe can get damaged and leak carbon monoxide into your home. Failing boilers are also capable of exploding, so make sure yours gets regular maintenance.

Why call Gold Star to fix up my boiler before the winter hits?

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