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7 Drain Cleaning Tips For This Fall | Gold Star Plumbing Heating & Cooling

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7 Drain Cleaning Tips For This Fall | Gold Star Plumbing Heating & Cooling


7 Drain Cleaning Tips For This Fall

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Drain cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a plumbing system. If not, you may find yourself in the midst of a crisis, with clogs coming from all corners! A minor drain clog may not look threatening, but it can quickly blossom into something that can throw your plumbing system into a state of chaos. It can even prevent you from using essential plumbing fixtures like toilets, sinks, and showers. Worse, you may experience other setbacks as well like higher costs on utility bills, poor efficiency, reduced levels of sanitation, and bad sewer odors that will permeate through your entire home. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend this fall constantly worrying over your plumbing system. Take preventative action now, using these excellent drain cleaning tips!

The Top 7 Drain Cleaning Tips

If you want to do your part in maintaining drains, please follow these 7 helpful drain cleaning tips so you can avoid drain clogs in the future:

  • Boiling Hot Water: Think about how you use hot water to clean dishes to rid them of any tough stains. The same applies for any clogged drains. Boiled hot water from a pot or tea kettle will loosen up any source of clogging and make it easier to remove them.
  • Keep Grease and Oil Far Away: Avoid throwing grease or oil down the drain, or else it can lead to a massive clog no plunger will ever be able to fix. The main problem with grease and oil is that it will eventually harden and make passage through the drainage pipe impossible. Please store it in a container before discarding it in the garbage
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar: Sometimes the best mixture to clean drains can be found in your kitchen, with baking soda and vinegar. One cup of vinegar and a ½ cup of baking soda is one of the most effective ways to clean drains, as its fizziness will have an eruptive effect once poured down the drain, sending any clog-causers up and out.
  • Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners: Don’t be fooled with those sleek chemical drain cleaners. They may promise to get the job done, but the major problem with chemical drain cleaners is that they can eventually bring damage to drainage pipes, leaving you to seek pipe repair or replacement much sooner than expected. In addition, due to their makeup, they can be incredibly hazardous if exposed to skin or eyes.
  • Use a Plunger: No home is complete without a plunger, especially if any last-minute clog were to occur. The next time you experience a clog, cup the plunger over the drain and plunge repeatedly until the water levels go down, which will let you know the clog has been removed.
  • Use a Drain Snake: A drain snake is snake-like in form, designed to fit into the smaller areas of your drains that a plunger cannot possibly reach. It commonly features a hook at its end to scoop out any material from the drain. Please use the drain snake carefully, however, as it can poke holes into the sides of older drainage pipes.
  • Pour Dish Detergent Down the Toilet: Overflowing toilets is one of the worst plumbing problems you can experience, at any time of the year. However, the trick to fixing it and saving money on toilet repairs may be found in dish detergent. Pour a ½ cup of detergent down the toilet bowl and allow it to sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Giving it time to seep into the drain will allow it to work as a lubricant that will send any source of blockage up and out, especially if you add hot water afterwards.

Need to Call in the Pros? 

Gold Star Service is here to provide assistance if you are experiencing any drain problems this season that you can’t fix on your own. We take care of even the smallest clogged drains so you can continue living in your home free of plumbing problems. Even if you feel like there is no way for you to possibly cure that nasty clog, we always manage to find the right solution for your needs. Our team of professionals quickly work to solve issues so you are not spending a single moment this fall with a clog. In addition, we want to give you new insight into the inner workings of your plumbing system. With our help, you will know how to avoid drain clogs in the future and ensure you save so much more money on emergency plumbing repairs. Above all else, it can ensure you enjoy life this fall so much more.
A better peace of mind this season begins with a call to Gold Star Service. Get in touch if you need high-quality plumbing service and eliminate clogs with drain cleaning!
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