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Gold Star & Make It Count Foundation Team Up for Veterans | Gold Star Plumbing Heating & Cooling

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Gold Star & Make It Count Foundation Team Up for Veterans | Gold Star Plumbing Heating & Cooling


Gold Star & Make It Count Foundation Team Up for Veterans

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Even though you might know us as a plumbing and heating company that services homes, we also strive to make a difference for our veterans. Earlier this year, a military veteran from Hauppauge, New York asked for help during the winter season. His home’s heating system wasn’t working right and as we know, New York winters can be a tough thing to get through. Luckily, with the incredible help of the Make It Count Foundation, our very own Joe Zito, Lucas Offner, Derlin Bonilla, and Marc Thompson, were able to install a brand-new furnace for the respected veteran, Mike Rosati. Joining the Gold Star team was, of course, the Make It Count Foundation’s President, Jon Reese.

Veteran Mike Rosati

Mike Rosati spent nine years in the Marine-Recon division and after serving multiple tours was wounded in action which forced him to return to his Hauppauge home. Matthew Thompson, president of Gold Star Service, and his team received a referral from the Veterans Association Hospital. And when he was notified that he could help Mike, he and his team members jumped at the opportunity, since it was a service that was more than meaningful to them.
“The folks at the VA hospital referred him to us, and said that the Rosati family is one of their all-time favorites,” states Thompson. “On all our Veterans renovations, we get the referral from the VA Hospital. This assures us that the Vets are fully vetted as to Military service and medical, personal, and family history.”
“I believe the men and women that have fought for our freedom is one of the most important things we can do. Without them, we would not have anything. Giving back to them is the least we can do,” states Thompson.

The Make It Count Foundation

water heater installed by gold star and the make it count foundation for mike the veteran

Jon Reese and the Make It Count Foundation team also receives these referrals from the VA hospital. Since 2009, the Make It Count Foundation has been committed to serving veterans and active duty military members on Long Island. Their main goal is to provide access to safe, medically appropriate, and affordable housing renovation solutions to those who need it most. As these veterans and military members transition back home, the Make It Count Foundation is there to help. For the Make It Count Foundation, they believe that it is vital to honor the heroes we know as our military and veterans and ensure that their lives are enriched as a result of their unselfish sacrifices. The Make It Count Foundation has been committed to serving these veterans as much as they have served us.
The Make It Count Foundation prides itself on creating sustainable change for those who need it most and strive to provide resources for optimal housing, health, and education. With Gold Star’s services as well, the two parties create an incredible combination in helping others achieve comfortability within their home.
Gold Star Service has been providing the Long Island area with high-quality plumbing and heating services since 2010. These licensed and well-trained plumbers and heating contractors work to make your home more comfortable. Exceptional customer service is what they strive for to ensure happiness and value. Throughout the year, the Make It Count foundation and Gold Star continue these services for veterans, one service at a time.
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