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Recruiting Plumbers in Today’s Workforce | Gold Star Plumbing Heating & Cooling

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Recruiting Plumbers in Today’s Workforce | Gold Star Plumbing Heating & Cooling


Recruiting Plumbers in Today’s Workforce

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Experience, experience, experience. That is what it is all about nowadays for your typical trade worker. However, as the job market increases, how come we haven’t seen more hiring of our plumbers and contractors? The reason being not enough kids are going to school to become then next plumbing contractor. Instead, it seems like the hard labor side of the workforce is dipping. Here at Gold Star, we want to continue our recruiting efforts and bring in highly talented workers. It’s important to keep the trend of skilled trade workers on the upend rather than allowing it to be missing in our ever-changing, technologically advanced, workforce. We need our recruiting efforts to continue, because when your sink decides to break or your toilet is backed up, who else would you rather have fix it?

What Does Recruiting Mean to Gold Star?

Here at Gold Star, we plan on recruiting people who care about high-quality service. We want individuals who are willing to go the extra mile in helping our customers. Plumbing situations can be a tough task which is why we’re readily available to handle those duties. In times of need, our clients reach out to us because they know of our great and efficient service. That is why we are looking to add more to our group of skilled workers. We also want to increase the rate of workers and help those who are struggling with unemployment. We know the market can be tough out there, and we’re ready to bring you in and get you started on a new career. It will be a career of growth and opportunity!

The Future for Trade Workers

As a company that prides itself on exceptional service, we know what it means to bring quality care to our customers. The trade workforce might be aging, but that does not mean that our efforts will. The average age, according to National Association of Manufacturers, for a trades person is up to 56 years. The idea of going to school and becoming a trades worker has been deeply impacted, and here at Gold Star, we’re looking for the next great plumber. It is projected that by 2020, there will be a need for 10 million new skilled workers. Incredible, considering how far along we’ve come to hiring such skilled workers for so long, to then seeing it plummet.

High-Quality Service Never Lost

Even though there’s been a shortage of trade workers, it does not mean the quality is gone. “Trade workers are the most important part of our workforce,” stated by none other than Mike Rowe, host of former Discovery Channel series, “Dirty Jobs.” It’s about trust when it boils down to it in this industry, and with more recruiting efforts, we can build back up the trades workforce. We’re all about skilled workers who will be able to get the job done right. Which is why we can train these professionals to ensure quality for your home services. It’s never easy trying to handle tasks on your own, and here at Gold Star, we recognize that. A lot of our young kids in this country are prepared to take the four-year college route and rack up large amounts of debt. And if that is the path they choose because they see themselves working in a certain area of the workforce, then that’s great. However, that does not mean that path is for everyone. Taking a less-expensive path and foregoing the college tuition to start a career in plumbing or becoming a contracting is just as promising. You can earn yourself a good paying job and get ahead of your counterparts by making good money.

What Can Gold Star Do for You?

Gold Star is prepared to hire skilled workers who are ready to take the next step in their plumbing career. It is all about how you see yourself in that occupation and what you can do to make a difference. Employment opportunities are here, and we are always looking for the next leader. Leadership and innovation come naturally here at our company. We’ve transformed the way we do things from time to time due to culture and the landscape we find ourselves in. We offer great wages as well and benefits that are unbeatable. You’ll have full support and an easy pathway to find your potential with our company. Be part of an opportunity for growth and become part of our business family.
Apply today with Gold Star recruiting and send in your email to our careers page for your chance to work for us!