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How Often Should You Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning? | Gold Star Plumbing Heating & Cooling

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How Often Should You Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning? | Gold Star Plumbing Heating & Cooling


How Often Should You Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning?

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As a homeowner, you probably don’t pay much attention to your kitchen and bathroom sinks. As a result, you might not put much thought into the food particles and foreign objects that travel down the drains. Despite all this, drain clogs are more common than you might think. These clogged drains can also cause major problems in your plumbing system, from water backups to gurgling toilets.

How often should you schedule professional drain cleaning to avoid a frustrating plumbing problem? There are a few potential answers to this question. In order to find the right solution, there are a few factors that you’ll need to consider.

Without further ado, let’s discuss how often you should clean your sink drains.

How Often Should Drains Be Cleaned?

Every plumber will have a different answer to this question. One may tell you to schedule a drain cleaning once yearly, while another suggests monthly services. Of course, scheduling cleanings more frequently will help you avoid an unwanted clog. The longer you put off a professional cleaning, the more of a chance grease, hair, and food particles have to collect in the drains.

Ultimately, how often you clean your sink drains depends on your household’s specific needs. For instance, the size of your family and garbage disposal usage can influence how often you schedule these services.

The Size of Your Household

Believe it or not, knowing how often you should schedule professional drain cleanings can be as easy as counting the members of your household. Do you have a large family? If you have a lot of people running around, they’ll be cleaning dishes and pumping leftover food down the drains faster than if only one or two people were occupying the house. As a consequence, you’ll probably want to schedule drain cleaning services more frequently.

How often you clean your sink drains should also factor in the frequency of clogs inside your home. If you experience clogs in multiple drains at once — and often — you may want to consider scheduling monthly cleanings.

Your Garbage Disposal Usage

Some people simply throw their food scraps into the trash can, while others use the garbage disposal. Do you use your garbage disposal a little too frequently? All of these food particles you throw down your drains — from pasta and rice to fibrous vegetables — can clump together and create a clog before you realize it.

Are you unsure how often you should schedule professional drain cleaning services? Take a step back and track your garbage disposal usage. If you’re constantly using this device to dispose of food scraps, you might want to schedule a Long Island drain cleaning sooner than later.

Common Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are usually easy to spot. However, some signs aren’t as obvious as others. If you want to know if you have a drain clog on your hands, go to your kitchen and bathroom sinks to see how they’re performing. If the water drains much slower than you should, you probably have a blockage — or the beginnings of one.

Another sign of clogged drains is foul odors wafting out of the sink. These scents are often the result of food, soap scum, and grease building up within your drains. Although these problems may seem trivial and frustrating at best, they can lead to larger, more serious problems later on.

How Do Professionals Clean Drains?

Now that you know how often you should schedule professional drain cleanings, you may be wondering what the process is like. What tools do plumbers use, and what are safe drain cleaning methods?

Many plumbers perform hydro jetting and drain snaking services. During a hydro-jetting service, the technician uses a highly-pressurized stream of water to blast apart the clog. This method is known for being thorough and is often recommended as a way to prevent clogs from reappearing in the near future.

Drain snaking is a tool that includes a handle and long, flexible auger. This auger has a specifically-designed piece attached to the end of it that is used to scoop up and remove the blockage.

Schedule a Dependable Drain Cleaning With the Experts

Although knowing how often you should clean your sink drains can be a little challenging, it’s always a good idea to be proactive. If you want to avoid a major sink blockage, turn to Gold Star Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. Our Nassau County plumbers can handle a wide range of problems, whether you’re dealing with a lack of hot water or a malfunctioning water heater. We can also help keep your drains clean and functioning as they should.

Some homeowners may think enzyme drain cleaners and DIY baking soda solutions will clear their clogged drains. While these drain cleaning methods are convenient, they aren’t always powerful enough to remove stubborn, tough blockages.

Don’t let clogs in your kitchen and bathroom sinks disrupt your routine. Contact our expert plumbers today to schedule an appointment!